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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 26-29.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who has Adam, Garner, and others underestimated?
(a) Steve Roxburgh.
(b) Daniel Rosen.
(c) Rollie Wedge.
(d) David McAllister.

2. David McAllister wishes to speak to Adam about the possibility of _____________ with Sam's case.
(a) Re-trial.
(b) Parole.
(c) Appeal.
(d) Clemency.

3. Although they can't see each other, all of the inmates on death row pass what?
(a) Books.
(b) Paper.
(c) Cigarettes.
(d) Notes.

4. At the meeting with Adam and Judge Slattery is the Attorney General of Mississippi. Who is the Attorney General?
(a) Daniel Rosen.
(b) E. Garner Goodman.
(c) Steve Roxburgh.
(d) David McAllister.

5. Adam meets with Judge Slattery and a group of people, one of whom is the Governor of Mississippi. Who is the Governor of Mississippi?
(a) Daniel Rosen.
(b) E. Garner Goodman.
(c) David McAllister.
(d) Steve Roxburgh.

Short Answer Questions

1. Adam's name was never originally Adam. What was his legal name before it was changed?

2. Sam is considered what on death row?

3. What date is planned for Sam Cayhall's death?

4. How is Sam meant to be portrayed by Grisham?

5. Due to Adam being present for a visit, Sam is hoping to be able to do what he missed. Who makes the decision regarding whether Sam can make it up?

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