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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was Andy contemplating on selling, according to Mary Duckworth?
(a) The finial he fell on.
(b) His entire shop.
(c) The light fixture destroyed on the night of his death.
(d) The ladder he supposedly fell off of.

2. After Mary leaves, what does Qwilleran ask his cats?
(a) What they're going to bring him next.
(b) Why they don't like Mary.
(c) If they have been behaving.
(d) What they would like for dinner.

3. What interrupts Qwilleran as he first sits down to read the manuscript?
(a) The cats wanting to play.
(b) A call from Iris.
(c) A meeting at the Fluxion office.
(d) A noise coming from Ben's apartment.

4. What had C. C. hinted about Ben's financial situation?
(a) That he is facing bankruptcy.
(b) That he draws Social Security.
(c) That he has a secret source of income.
(d) That he is behind on his rent.

5. In the fight between Qwilleran, what happens to prevent Ben from escaping?
(a) Koko scratches Ben in the eye.
(b) Dennis runs in to help Qwilleran.
(c) The MacIntosh coat of arms falls and knocks Ben out.
(d) Mary shows up with a pistol.

6. Why does Qwilleran take a cat to Russell Patch's apartment?
(a) To keep himself company.
(b) To see if the cat can find something.
(c) To let the cat get some exercise.
(d) To see if Russell is allergic to cats.

7. How is the weather during the Junktown Block Party?
(a) Harsh and cold with morning snow.
(b) Sunny in the morning but raining later.
(c) Windy and foggy in the morning.
(d) Bad at first but turning sunny.

8. What is Qwilleran first told Russell's roommate does for a living?
(a) That he is a manicurist.
(b) That he is a chef.
(c) That he is a hairdresser.
(d) That he is a secretary.

9. From where does Qwilleran believe KoKo has been finding things he leaves for Qwilleran?
(a) Under the tub.
(b) In C. C.'s shop.
(c) From out on the roof.
(d) On the stairs.

10. What does Mary go over while she is visiting Qwilleran?
(a) His list of sales and inquiries from Iris's shop.
(b) The scratch he has on his hand.
(c) The titles of books on his bookshelf.
(d) The events of the past day.

11. Who does Qwilleran suspect of causing the loud noise?
(a) Iris.
(b) Yum Yum.
(c) Mary.
(d) Koko.

12. What interrupts the meeting?
(a) A police visit to the group.
(b) A cave-in on the roof.
(c) A scream coming from Iris's apartment.
(d) Loud radio music from Cobbs's shop.

13. What does Iris say about the machine Qwilleran found?
(a) It's not hers.
(b) She doesn't want it.
(c) She's been looking for it.
(d) She thinks it doesn't work.

14. What does Qwilleran learn Russell's roommate actually does?
(a) He is an actor.
(b) He drives a limousine.
(c) He plays the stock market.
(d) He writes novels.

15. Who does Qwilleran take on a search of his building?
(a) Yum Yum, the cat.
(b) Scarlett, the parrot.
(c) Bowser, the dog.
(d) Koko, the cat.

Short Answer Questions

1. When someone comes in asking for horse braces, what are they really looking for?

2. What innuendo does Ivy make about Iris Cobb?

3. On his outing with Ben, what important observation does Qwilleran make?

4. While Prantz is searching for radios in C. C.'s apartment, whet does Qwilleran notice?

5. How is the relationship between Qwilleran and Mary progressing?

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