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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who goes with Qwilleran to visit Russell Patch?
(a) Iris.
(b) Mary.
(c) Irene.
(d) Koko.

2. When someone comes in asking for horse braces, what are they really looking for?
(a) Pornography.
(b) Stolen jewelry.
(c) Stolen electronics.
(d) Drugs.

3. What does Iris say about the machine Qwilleran found?
(a) She's been looking for it.
(b) It's not hers.
(c) She thinks it doesn't work.
(d) She doesn't want it.

4. Who helps Qwilleran hand the Mackintosh coat of arms over his mantle?
(a) Dennis, Iris's son.
(b) Hollis Prantz.
(c) Ben Nicolas.
(d) Riker's son.

5. What does Qwilleran notice in the drive of the Ellsworth house?
(a) Overturned trash cans.
(b) Footprints of a man and a dog.
(c) Two car shaped patches in the snow.
(d) Tire tracks of three different vehicles.

6. What important discovery is located right there in Qwilleran's room?
(a) A letter from Iris to Andy Glantz.
(b) Glantz's manuscript.
(c) A photo of Iris and Andy being intimate.
(d) A blueprint of the Cobb house.

7. What does Qwilleran do for Iris Cobb during her extended absence?
(a) Gguards her apartment.
(b) Calls her relatives in Ohio.
(c) Feeds her cat.
(d) Takes a turn managing her shop.

8. How does Qwilleran make his manuscript discovery?
(a) The cats lead him to it.
(b) He starts to build a fire.
(c) He has a dream about where it is.
(d) Koko pulls it from under the bed.

9. Whose car does Qwilleran discover fits the size and shape of the second car that was at the Ellsworth House?
(a) Ben's.
(b) Cluthra's.
(c) Mary's.
(d) Prantz's.

10. Why had Rosie come to Junktown?
(a) To find out who bought the chandelier.
(b) To spy on Qwilleran.
(c) To buy a gift for her husband.
(d) To look for a horse brace.

11. What had C. C. hinted about Ben's financial situation?
(a) That he draws Social Security.
(b) That he is behind on his rent.
(c) That he has a secret source of income.
(d) That he is facing bankruptcy.

12. What interrupts Qwilleran as he first sits down to read the manuscript?
(a) A meeting at the Fluxion office.
(b) The cats wanting to play.
(c) A call from Iris.
(d) A noise coming from Ben's apartment.

13. What does Qwilleran find in the new desk Iris gave him?
(a) An old Royal typewriter.
(b) A pair of horse braces.
(c) Old newspaper clippings.
(d) C. C.'s tape machine.

14. As Qwilleran begins reading Andy's manuscript, what becomes clear?
(a) It is based on people of Junktown.
(b) It has nothing to do with Junktown people.
(c) It is a plan for stealing antiques.
(d) It is a real masterpiece.

15. What is the result of Qwilleran's efforts to track down Andy's manuscript?
(a) Found hidden in his shop.
(b) Hidden in Mary's shop.
(c) In the possession of Mrs. McGuffey.
(d) Failure.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was the only one who had read Andy's novel?

2. What do Qwilleran and Mary discover about Andy's unreported income?

3. Why does Qwilleran take a cat to Russell Patch's apartment?

4. From where does Qwilleran believe KoKo has been finding things he leaves for Qwilleran?

5. Where was the "hot" manuscript hidden?

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