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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who do Qwilleran and Iris suspect killed C. C.?
(a) C. C.'s ex partner.
(b) A woman he was having an affair with.
(c) Another antique dealer.
(d) The police.

2. While Qwilleran is in Iris's shop, who surprises him with a visit?
(a) Koko and Yum Yum.
(b) Another reporter from the Fluxion.
(c) Riker's wife, Rosie.
(d) Mary Duxbury's father.

3. What interrupts the meeting?
(a) A cave-in on the roof.
(b) A police visit to the group.
(c) Loud radio music from Cobbs's shop.
(d) A scream coming from Iris's apartment.

4. Thinking about what he saw in the dust at the theatre, what does Qwilleran believe caused the swirl pattern?
(a) The antics of a cat.
(b) The pivot of a boot print.
(c) A draft from under the stage.
(d) The tassles on Ben's scarf.

5. Who is Cluthra, the woman C. C. was having an affair with?
(a) One of the Three Weird Sisters.
(b) Iris's sister.
(c) Miss Duckworth's aunt.
(d) A woman reporter.

6. What is Qwilleran's impression of Hollis Prantz?
(a) That he is hiding something.
(b) That he is afraid of someone.
(c) That he is a fraud.
(d) That he is stupid.

7. When Koko turns on the tape player again, what do Qwilleran and Ben hear?
(a) Cobb blackmailing Ben.
(b) Cobb talking to Cluthra.
(c) Cobb talking to a police officer about Ben.
(d) Cobb telling Iris he wanted a divorce.

8. Who does Mary suspect was giving her crank calls?
(a) Cluthra.
(b) Iris.
(c) Andy.
(d) C. C. Cobbs.

9. As Qwilleran begins reading Andy's manuscript, what becomes clear?
(a) It has nothing to do with Junktown people.
(b) It is a real masterpiece.
(c) It is a plan for stealing antiques.
(d) It is based on people of Junktown.

10. What important discovery is located right there in Qwilleran's room?
(a) A blueprint of the Cobb house.
(b) A letter from Iris to Andy Glantz.
(c) Glantz's manuscript.
(d) A photo of Iris and Andy being intimate.

11. Which character in the novel has "an expensive sound system"?
(a) Ben Nicholas.
(b) Hollis Prantz.
(c) Cluthra.
(d) Russell Patch.

12. What was Andy contemplating on selling, according to Mary Duckworth?
(a) The finial he fell on.
(b) The light fixture destroyed on the night of his death.
(c) His entire shop.
(d) The ladder he supposedly fell off of.

13. While Prantz is searching for radios in C. C.'s apartment, whet does Qwilleran notice?
(a) The tassles on his scarf.
(b) The feather in his hat.
(c) His footwear.
(d) The snow on his overcoat.

14. What mystery is solved after Qwilleran and Mary find the secret space?
(a) Why strange sounds happen during the night.
(b) When the house was built.
(c) How C. C. was able to move the candle.
(d) How the cats get into Ben's apartment.

15. Why does Qwilleran take a cat to Russell Patch's apartment?
(a) To let the cat get some exercise.
(b) To see if the cat can find something.
(c) To keep himself company.
(d) To see if Russell is allergic to cats.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Qwilleran thinking about when he goes to bed after leaving the bar?

2. Why had Rosie come to Junktown?

3. What does Mary go over while she is visiting Qwilleran?

4. What does Mary say is strange about the request for horse braces?

5. Visiting the Fluxion office, what does Riker tell Qwilleran?

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