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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What distracts Qwilleran as he unfolds the piece of foil the cats have left for him?
(a) Koko accidentally turns on the tape player.
(b) Yum Yum goes crazy running around the apartment.
(c) Someone is pounding on his door.
(d) Firetrucks come rushing into Junktown.

2. Who is Cluthra, the woman C. C. was having an affair with?
(a) A woman reporter.
(b) Iris's sister.
(c) One of the Three Weird Sisters.
(d) Miss Duckworth's aunt.

3. What is Qwilleran's narrow escape while hunting with Ben?
(a) Nearly falling from a ladder.
(b) Nearly falling down a laundry chute.
(c) Nearly falling through a trap door.
(d) Nearly falling through a railing.

4. What important discovery is located right there in Qwilleran's room?
(a) A letter from Iris to Andy Glantz.
(b) Glantz's manuscript.
(c) A blueprint of the Cobb house.
(d) A photo of Iris and Andy being intimate.

5. Whose boot sole matches a footprint Qwilleran found in the Elsworth house?
(a) Russel Prantz.
(b) Ben Nicolas.
(c) Iris Cobbs.
(d) Russel Patch.

6. What does Qwilleran learn Russell's roommate actually does?
(a) He drives a limousine.
(b) He writes novels.
(c) He plays the stock market.
(d) He is an actor.

7. Why had Rosie come to Junktown?
(a) To spy on Qwilleran.
(b) To buy a gift for her husband.
(c) To look for a horse brace.
(d) To find out who bought the chandelier.

8. What interrupts the meeting?
(a) A police visit to the group.
(b) A scream coming from Iris's apartment.
(c) A cave-in on the roof.
(d) Loud radio music from Cobbs's shop.

9. At Patch's house, what sends Koko into a frenzy?
(a) Catnip in a pillow.
(b) High pitched music on his stereo.
(c) A rat that runs across the floor.
(d) Patch's pet poodle.

10. What is Qwilleran first told Russell's roommate does for a living?
(a) That he is a hairdresser.
(b) That he is a chef.
(c) That he is a secretary.
(d) That he is a manicurist.

11. Who do Qwilleran and Iris suspect killed C. C.?
(a) C. C.'s ex partner.
(b) A woman he was having an affair with.
(c) The police.
(d) Another antique dealer.

12. When Koko turns on the tape player again, what do Qwilleran and Ben hear?
(a) Cobb blackmailing Ben.
(b) Cobb talking to a police officer about Ben.
(c) Cobb talking to Cluthra.
(d) Cobb telling Iris he wanted a divorce.

13. What does Qwilleran discover that Andy Glanz was doing before his murder?
(a) Planning to enlarge his antique shop.
(b) Keeping a diary about his affairs in Junktown.
(c) Talking to the police about activities in Junktown.
(d) Writing a novel based on people in Junktown.

14. What does Qwilleran find in the new desk Iris gave him?
(a) C. C.'s tape machine.
(b) A pair of horse braces.
(c) Old newspaper clippings.
(d) An old Royal typewriter.

15. What had Mary found at Andy's place identical to what Qwilleran found in his apartment?
(a) A feather.
(b) A newspaper clipping.
(c) A piece of lead pipe.
(d) A strangely folded twenty-dollar bill.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Qwilleran thinking about when he goes to bed after leaving the bar?

2. Who is Russell Patch's roommate?

3. What does Qwilleran notice in the drive of the Ellsworth house?

4. Who does Mary suspect was giving her crank calls?

5. In a conversation with Mary, what does Qwilleran avoid doing?

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