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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 21.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the customer like who enters Ben's shop while Qwilleran is there?
(a) Angry and loud.
(b) Jolly and joking.
(c) Timid and afraid.
(d) Rude and brash.

2. What important discovery is located right there in Qwilleran's room?
(a) A photo of Iris and Andy being intimate.
(b) A letter from Iris to Andy Glantz.
(c) Glantz's manuscript.
(d) A blueprint of the Cobb house.

3. What are two items of furniture moved into Qwilleran's rooms before he moves in?
(a) A sofa and a bookshelf.
(b) A roll-top desk and a pot-bellied stove.
(c) A refrigerator and a microwave.
(d) A bunk bed and a small table.

4. Where is the antique dealers' meeting held?
(a) In the local church.
(b) In the attic.
(c) In Qwilleran's room.
(d) In C. C.'s shop.

5. Why does Qwilleran take Koko with him to search the building?
(a) To find Yum Yum.
(b) He hoped to find out where Koko disappears to.
(c) The cat had help solve previous mysteries.
(d) As an excuse if he is found out.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who had formerly lived in the apartment?

2. What does Mary say is strange about the request for horse braces?

3. What does Qwilleran notice in the drive of the Ellsworth house?

4. What does Qwilleran find in Ben's apartment during a visit?

5. How does locating Koko give Qwilleran pause to reflect on the death of Glanz?

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