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This is the name of the apparently run-down section of an unnamed Midwestern community that Qwilleran first passes through, investigates and then moves into.

The Daily Fluxion

This is the small town newspaper where Qwilleran works as a writer of features. While he resents what he feels as a comedown in job prestige, over the course of the narrative he finds himself becoming more comfortable.

The Blue Dragon Antique Shop, The Junkery, Three Weird Sisters

These are the more significant junk and antique stores in Junktown.

Horse Brasses

These circular ornaments, individualized with different designs, were once hung on the foreheads of the leather tack into which horses were harnessed.

The Mackintosh Coat of Arms

This large and heavy metalwork recreation of a traditional heraldic symbol for a Scottish family is first seen in Mary Duckworth's shop where Qwilleran is surprised to see how easily she lifts...

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