The Cat Who Turned on and Off Character Descriptions

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Jim Qwilleran

The central character and erstwhile detective in the novel..

Koko and YumYum

Two Siamese cats that are Qwilleran's allies in crime solving. They are named after a pair of characters in Gilbert and Sullivan's comic operetta, The Mikado.

Andrew Glanz

He is found dead before the narrative begins. His life and death are the prime motivators of the plot that explores the tension between truth and illusion.

C.C. Cobb

The book's second murder victim, who is killed in retaliation for his attempts to blackmail the murderer.

Iris Cobb

A chatty, comfortable, and flirtatious woman who immediately takes interest in Qwilleran and starts treating him with an attention that is at times romantic and at times motherly.

Mary Duckworth/Duxbury

The first of Junktown's many antique dealers encountered by Qwilleran in his investigation of Andrew Glanz's murder.

Ben Nicholas

This flamboyant Junktown dealer is ultimately revealed...

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