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Lee Strobel
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What historic figure, other than Jesus, was said to have raised people from the dead?
(a) John the Baptist.
(b) Tacticus.
(c) Aurelius.
(d) Apollonius.

2. Why was Jeffry McDonald certain a jury would not convict him?
(a) He had an alibi.
(b) He had a trial before a judge, not a jury.
(c) He paid them bribes.
(d) Most of them had been his patients.

3. When the law changed and the Chicago crime leader was retried, what was used to get a guilty verdict?
(a) Crime-scene reinacting.
(b) A polygraph machine.
(c) Circumstancial evidence.
(d) Corroborating evidence.

4. On what is the current Bible based on?
(a) Copies of copies of copies.
(b) New translators.
(c) A Japanese-based translation.
(d) Ideals that are no longer valued.

5. What reliability does the author also look to prove about the gospel based on corroborating evidence outside of the Bible?
(a) Historical.
(b) Logical.
(c) Theological.
(d) Theoretical.

Short Answer Questions

1. Does Witherington believe Jesus saw himself as the son of God?

2. In the introduction, how long do we learn was the author's spiritual journey?

3. According to Jesus, what do his miracles foreshadow?

4. How many experts does the author interview?

5. How far back do some manuscript fragments date the book of John?

Short Essay Questions

1. List one of the three reasons that a document might have been omitted from the New Testament.

2. What is the importance of "The Antiquities" to the case for Christ?

3. What is the goal of the Jesus Seminar?

4. Why are stories about Apollonius raising the dead looked upon as legend while the same types of stories about Jesus are viewed as truth?

5. Who was Luke and what did he write?

6. What does the author's ability test question?

7. When was the nonbiblical manuscript known as 4Q521 written, and in what language was it written?

8. How many parts does the author break the book into and what does he title them?

9. What is the author's professional background?

10. Does archeology contradict or confirm the reliability of the gospels?

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