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Lee Strobel
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the clues left at a crime scene help investigators determine?
(a) Why the crime occured.
(b) The criminal's psychological makeup.
(c) Where the next crime will occur.
(d) The reason for the crime.

2. Metzger compares the Bible to what era of other literature?
(a) Ancient.
(b) Elizabethan.
(c) Classic.
(d) Medieval.

3. What historic figure, other than Jesus, was said to have raised people from the dead?
(a) Tacticus.
(b) Apollonius.
(c) John the Baptist.
(d) Aurelius.

4. What kinds of eyewitness accounts does Strobel seek?
(a) People who do not believe in Jesus.
(b) People who witnessed the murder of a preacher.
(c) People who go to church.
(d) People who personally interacted with Jesus.

5. What, according to Blomberg, is proof that there is no error in the gospels?
(a) Because he has faith that it is correct.
(b) Because, historically, if an error were made when reciting history, someone would correct the mistake and preserve the truth.
(c) There is no proof.
(d) Because the Bible has not been changed in thousands of years.

Short Answer Questions

1. What impact do the writings of the apostle Paul have on the New Testament?

2. What reason does Blomberg give for accepting the gospels as testimony in Strobel's case for Christ?

3. Why does Metzger say discrepancies in the New Testament are inconsequential?

4. According to Blomberg, what is the gospel based on?

5. Who are the writers of the gospels?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the author's professional background?

2. Why is Luke's writing in the gospel highly regarded?

3. What is the importance of "The Antiquities" to the case for Christ?

4. Why did Herod order baby boys to be killed?

5. Who exactly was Matthew?

6. List one of the three reasons that a document might have been omitted from the New Testament.

7. What sparks the author's interest in the case for Christ?

8. Why were Jesus' teachings considered radical?

9. What is the Q source?

10. Who was John Mark and what did he write?

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