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Lee Strobel
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Evidence of the Missing Body.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What criterion does Boyd use in determining that the Jesus in the Bible is not the Jesus who is son of God?
(a) Quantitative and qualitative reasoning.
(b) Dissimilarity and multiple attestation.
(c) Naturalism and functionalism.
(d) Function and reliability.

2. What two things is Jesus simultaneously?
(a) Man and god.
(b) Man and child.
(c) Savior and god.
(d) God and demigod.

3. The author's witness with a Jewish background once viewed the New Testament as a guidebook for what group?
(a) The American Nazi party.
(b) The German Reich.
(c) The Communist party.
(d) The Democratic party.

4. What fulfills the prophecy that claims the Messiah's bones will be out of joint?
(a) Jesus' anger.
(b) Jesus' beating.
(c) Jesus' crucifixion.
(d) Jesus' tears.

5. What kind of shock did the severe beating Jesus received before his execution create?
(a) Hyperactive.
(b) Hypovolemic.
(c) Hypoglycemic.
(d) Hypertensive.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which elements are to blame for inconsistencies in the gospels, according to Blomberg?

2. Which of the author's interviewees has experience as an archeological expert in the Middle East?

3. What advantage does Metzger cite for the New Testament?

4. What role does the author encourage the reader to take?

5. What is the author's fear as he begins to face Christianity?

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