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Lee Strobel
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Scientific Evidence.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kind of evidence was Jeffry McDonald's conviction based on?
(a) A lie detector test.
(b) Scientific.
(c) Psychological.
(d) Circumstantial.

2. What is the first test the author applies to decide whether it is the gospel writers' intention to preserve history accurately?
(a) Originality test.
(b) Intention test.
(c) Authorship test.
(d) Plagarism test.

3. What did Josephus' writings prove?
(a) That Jesus and John were biological brothers.
(b) That Jesus hung out with the apostles.
(c) That Jesus performed miracles.
(d) That Jesus was a good man.

4. What, according to Blomberg, is proof that there is no error in the gospels?
(a) Because, historically, if an error were made when reciting history, someone would correct the mistake and preserve the truth.
(b) Because the Bible has not been changed in thousands of years.
(c) Because he has faith that it is correct.
(d) There is no proof.

5. What are the three parts into which the author chooses to break the book?
(a) Interview, listen, and read.
(b) Study, discuss, evaluate.
(c) Question, study, and focus.
(d) Examine, analyze, and research.

Short Answer Questions

1. Metzger compares the Bible to what era of other literature?

2. What find provides a wealth of information regarding Jewish culture and customs?

3. Why aren't all accounts of the gospel exactly alike, according to Blomberg?

4. According to Yamauchi, what put expansion of Christianity on hold temporarily?

5. What is the truth about the author's fear?

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