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Lee Strobel
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Scientific Evidence.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was one of the most significant documents Strobel found in his reporting career?
(a) The Ford Pinto documentation.
(b) The Watergate tapes.
(c) Shredded weapons of mass destruction documents.
(d) The Chrysler Corporation documentation.

2. What was the most important aspect of the documents Strobel discovered?
(a) They were authentic.
(b) They were created just for him.
(c) They were given to him by an insider snitch.
(d) They boosted his career.

3. To which Bible passage does 4Q521 refer?
(a) Exodus 20:11.
(b) Acts 1:23.
(c) John 3:16.
(d) Isiaiah 61.

4. Which of the author's interviewees has experience as an archeological expert in the Middle East?
(a) Boyd.
(b) McRay.
(c) Strobel.
(d) McDonald.

5. Which elements are to blame for inconsistencies in the gospels, according to Blomberg?
(a) The limited means of communications and the lack of mass-produced books.
(b) Paraphrase, abridgment, explanatory additions, selection, and omission.
(c) Fire, ice, water, and air.
(d) Personal differences and priorities.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is credited with the most important reference to Jesus outside of the New Testament?

2. Which of the assumed writers of the gospels, according to both liberal and conservative scholars, is considered to be an accurate historian?

3. Who are the writers of the gospels?

4. Why aren't all accounts of the gospel exactly alike, according to Blomberg?

5. To which branch of the military did Jeffry McDonald belong?

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