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Lee Strobel
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Evidence of Appearances.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why was Jeffry McDonald certain a jury would not convict him?
(a) He paid them bribes.
(b) Most of them had been his patients.
(c) He had an alibi.
(d) He had a trial before a judge, not a jury.

2. What reliability does the author also look to prove about the gospel based on corroborating evidence outside of the Bible?
(a) Theological.
(b) Historical.
(c) Theoretical.
(d) Logical.

3. What reason does Blomberg give for accepting the gospels as testimony in Strobel's case for Christ?
(a) Anything other than an accurate portrayal of historical events would negate their message.
(b) It's the only information that's really available.
(c) Sometimes it is important to have faith in things unknown.
(d) He had a vision that told him the information was solid.

4. What is the author's religious belief/preference as he begins his quest for knowledge?
(a) Agnostic.
(b) Atheist.
(c) Assembly.
(d) Apostolic.

5. What kind of evidence was Jeffry McDonald's conviction based on?
(a) Circumstantial.
(b) Psychological.
(c) A lie detector test.
(d) Scientific.

Short Answer Questions

1. When were the apostle Paul's letters written?

2. What kinds of eyewitness accounts does Strobel seek?

3. What was the role of women during Jesus' time?

4. Who is said to have preserved Jesus' teachings?

5. According to The Five Gospels, how many pillars must one follow to become a biblical scholar?

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