Daily Lessons for Teaching The Case for Christ

Lee Strobel
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Lesson 1 (from Introduction: Reopening the Investigation of a Lifetime)


"The Case for Christ" is written with a touch of wit and elements of a fast-paced fictional thriller, along with the exacting detail of an investigative scholar-reporter. Lee Strobel chronicles his 21-month spiritual journey as he seeks to learn the truth about the case for Christ.Today's lesson introduces the book to students and defines the term "nonfiction."


1) Class discussion: Develop a working definition of "nonfiction." A work of nonfiction is based on truth rather than make believe. Write the definition on the board, and have students write it in their notebooks. Have students read any other nonfiction books? Why would a reader want to read nonfiction? Why would a person want to write nonfiction? Does it seem that this book is a nonfiction book? Why or why not?

2) Small groups: Split the class into several small groups. This activity might best be held in...

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