The Case for Christ Fun Activities

Lee Strobel
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Street Preacher

A street preacher had great impact on Lapides, one of the witnesses the author interviews. Watch videos of street preachers on common websites like YouTube.

Book Review

Write a book review of "The Case for Christ." Publish it online, and take the link to your teacher for credit.

Casting a Movie

If you were a casting agent for a film version of the book, who would you select to play the roles? List all the characters from the book. Then name the actor/actress who would portray the character best in your eyes.

Book Time Line

Outline the book on a time line to see where the author's investigation led him from witness to witness.

Author's Time Line

Outline the subject's life on a time line. Start at birth and end with the most recent information available.


Interview another student as a lawyer would in...

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