The Case for Christ Character Descriptions

Lee Strobel
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Lee Strobel

This person is a highly successful investigative reporter for the "Chicago Tribune."

Edwin Yamauchi

This person took part in the first excavations of the Herodian Temple in Jerusalem and has written several books on archeology.

Louis S. Lapides, MDiv, ThM

At one time this person thought of the New Testament as more of a guidebook for the American Nazi party.

Craig Blomberg, PhD

Though a biblical expert, this person does not ignore scriptural nuances or casually set aside challenges to the biblical text.

Michael McCullough

This 16-year-old is eyewitness to three murders.

Bruce Metzger

In 1969, this person works as the resident scholar for Tyndale House in Cambridge, England.

Harry Aleman

This person is a Chicago crime syndicate hit man in the 1970s.


This person was a Pharisaic priest and noted Jewish historian.

John McRay, PhD

This person authored the 432-page textbook titled "Archeology and the...

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