The Case for Christ Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Lee Strobel
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Introduction: Reopening the Investigation of a Lifetime

• The introduction presents the author's background as a crime reporter and agnostic.

• The author's wife becomes a Christian.

• The author fears losing the fun-loving wife of his youth, but instead over time he is fascinated with subtle changes in her character.
• The author decides to set aside his prejudices and take a closer look at the evidence in the case for Christ.

• The author challenges readers to take the role of juror, reminding them that they must set aside all preconceptions and prejudices to reach a verdict based on the evidence.

• The author breaks the book into three parts: (1) Examining the Record; (2) Analyzing Jesus; and (3) Researching the Resurrection.

Part 1: Chapter 1, The Eyewitness Evidence

• The author interviews Dr. Craig Blomberg in Denver.

• The author lists Blomberg's credentials to establish him as a credible witness.

• The author questions the reliability of the authorship...

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