The Brethren: Inside the Supreme Court Fun Activities

Bob Woodward
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Create a mock-up

Create a mock-up of the chamber where the court hears oral arguments. Include name tags (at least) for the justices and indications where the parties stand.

Listen to a Supreme Court hearing

Using recorded arguments (from the internet), listen to an oral argument of the Supreme Court. Write a short summary of the case, the issues, and what the justices did.

Create illustrations

Take one chapter of the book and create illustrations for the various major points in the chapter.

Create a presentation

Create a presentation--either on the computer or by hand--that illustrates what points a case must go through, from beginning to end, when heard by the Supreme Court.

Book review

Write a book review that would make Oprah want to review the book in her book club.

Create a crossword

Create a crossword puzzle based on the book.

Create a boardgame

Using the...

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