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John Boyne
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Maria tells Bruno in Chapter Six: "The Overpaid Maid" that her mother had worked for Bruno’s grandmother in what capacity?
(a) As her dresser.
(b) As her accountant.
(c) As her bank manager.
(d) As her secretary.

2. The narrator notes in Chapter Four: "What they Saw through the Window" that “Hilda had been told time and time again that she was not to call her brother” what?
(a) “A pest.”
(b) “A jerk.”
(c) “Stupid.”
(d) “A Nazi.”

3. What happens when Bruno watches a dog on the other side of the fence in Chapter Fifteen: "Something He Shouldn't Have Done"?
(a) Lieutenant Kotler screams.
(b) Lieutenant Kotler shoots into the air.
(c) Lieutenant Kotler kicks the dog.
(d) Lieutenant Kotler shoots the dog.

4. Whose father is described as being a teacher in Chapter One: "Bruno Makes a Discovery"?
(a) Lars’s.
(b) Martin’s.
(c) Daniel’s.
(d) Karl’s.

5. How is the Fury’s moustache described in Chapter Eleven: "The Fury"?
(a) “Tiny.”
(b) “Square.”
(c) “Choppy.”
(d) “Plain.”

Short Answer Questions

1. The maid Maria is said to have come to work for Bruno’s family when Bruno was how old, in Chapter Six: "The Overpaid Maid"?

2. What is Gretel said to arrange and rearrange in her bedroom in her free time in Chapter Fourteen: "Bruno Tells a Perfectly Reasonable Lie"?

3. Whom does Bruno complain to about the move his family has made in his new bedroom in Chapter Two: "The New House"?

4. What two words comprised the common Nazi salute during the Third Reich?

5. The bronze plaque on the bench that Bruno spies from his window states that “Out-With Camp” was established when?

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