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John Boyne
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Maria tells Bruno in Chapter Six: "The Overpaid Maid" that her mother had worked for Bruno’s grandmother in what capacity?
(a) As her accountant.
(b) As her secretary.
(c) As her dresser.
(d) As her bank manager.

2. The narrator says in Chapter Seven: "How Mother Took Credit for Something that She Hadn't Done,” that “Bruno had only known one person whom he considered to be mad and that was” whom?
(a) Herr Walker.
(b) Herr Roller.
(c) Herr Rothbaum.
(d) Herr Liszt.

3. What two words comprised the common Nazi salute during the Third Reich?
(a) “Semper fidelis.”
(b) “Heil Hitler.”
(c) “Nazi Furor.”
(d) “Hich Nazi.”

4. Bruno’s family’s house in Berlin “didn’t even have a name; it was just called” what, according to the narrator in Chapter Three: "The Hopeless Case"?
(a) “Number six.”
(b) “Number five.”
(c) “Number seven.”
(d) “Number four.”

5. Bruno’s sister Gretel is described as having a large collection of what toys in Chapter Three: "The Hopeless Case"?
(a) Train sets.
(b) Dolls.
(c) Play-houses.
(d) Stuffed animals.

Short Answer Questions

1. Gretel says in Chapter Four: "What they Saw through the Window" that “Father hates” what?

2. What is Gretel’s answer when Bruno asks her in Chapter Three: "The Hopeless Case,” “What is foreseeable future exactly?”

3. How does Bruno define his father’s office in the story, both in Berlin and in Out-With?

4. Gretel explains to Bruno in Chapter Three: "The Hopeless Case" that “Out-With” is the name of what?

5. Bruno tells Maria in Chapter Six: "The Overpaid Maid,” “Well, you’ve been brought here against your will, just like I have. If you ask me, we’re all in the same boat. And it’s” what?

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