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Markus Zusak
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What question does the Hitler Youth leader ask Rudy on the street before beating him in front of his friends?
(a) What is Hitler's middle name?
(b) Where did Hitler go to college?
(c) Where was Hitler born?
(d) What is Hitler's favorite food?

2. What is the title of the book Liesel steals from Frau Hermann's library while Max is sick?
(a) The Shoulder Shrug.
(b) The Dream Catcher.
(c) The Whistler.
(d) The Gravedigger's Handbook.

3. According to Frau Hermann, who owns the library in her house?
(a) Her husband does.
(b) God does.
(c) Hitler does.
(d) She does.

4. In which German city is Max captured?
(a) Struttgard.
(b) Berlin.
(c) Hamburg.
(d) Munich.

5. What does Liesel accidentally leave behind in the mayor's house while she is robbing him?
(a) Her shoes.
(b) Her hat.
(c) Her gloves.
(d) Her jacket.

6. Which of the following characters is drafted to the war at the same time as Hans?
(a) Hans Jr.
(b) Herr Steiner.
(c) Max Vandenberg.
(d) Rudy Steiner.

7. What does the disgruntled card player steal from Hans after their game?
(a) His food ration card.
(b) His letters from Liesel.
(c) His photos of Rosa.
(d) His seat in the car.

8. According to Max's dreams, what is Liesel meant to shake in opposition to Hitler?
(a) Her hips.
(b) Hands.
(c) Trees.
(d) Church pillars.

9. Which of the following characters does NOT get up in the middle of the night during the air raid sirens?
(a) Max.
(b) Rosa.
(c) Hans.
(d) Liesel.

10. What does Rosa shout at Liesel for, signaling to her that Max has awoken from his coma?
(a) For tracking mud through the kitchen.
(b) For leaving the milk out to spoil.
(c) For forgetting to hang up the laundry.
(d) For using her hairbrush.

11. Why is the Nazi party interested in giving Rudy a full scholarship to their school?
(a) Because of his academic achievements.
(b) Because of his outbursts against Hitler.
(c) Because of his athletic prowess.
(d) Because of his race.

12. Who is the first character to see the fire in the distance upon emerging from the air raid shelter?
(a) Rudy.
(b) Rosa.
(c) Liesel.
(d) Michael.

13. Which of the following units is Hans assigned to in the war?
(a) GRT.
(b) BAW.
(c) VED.
(d) LSE.

14. During what year do the air raids begin in Munich?
(a) 1947.
(b) 1942.
(c) 1951.
(d) 1939.

15. What punishment does Hans receive for helping the starving Jew from the parade?
(a) He is not punished.
(b) He is sent to jail for six weeks.
(c) He is beaten.
(d) He is fined.

Short Answer Questions

1. What card game does Hans regularly play with his troops?

2. How many races does Rudy WIN during the Hitler Youth carnival?

3. Who does Michael write a letter to shortly before his death?

4. How does Liesel manage to warn Max about the men trolling the neighborhood, who may discover him?

5. During what month of the year does Liesel resume playing soccer with her neighborhood friends?

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