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Markus Zusak
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Eight, The Word Shaker.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the title of the book Liesel steals from Frau Hermann's library while Max is sick?
(a) The Gravedigger's Handbook.
(b) The Whistler.
(c) The Shoulder Shrug.
(d) The Dream Catcher.

2. What part of her body is burned when Liesel steals a copy of "The Shoulder Shrug"?
(a) Her back.
(b) Her fingertips.
(c) Her neck.
(d) Her ribs.

3. With what weapon are both Hans and the starving prisoner beaten by the guard?
(a) A rope.
(b) A whip.
(c) A stone.
(d) A pistol.

4. Who is Rudy most terrified of seeing him fail?
(a) His Hitler Youth division leader.
(b) His parents.
(c) Adolf Hitler.
(d) Liesel.

5. What does Max give to Liesel for her birthday?
(a) A doll.
(b) A book.
(c) A bouquet of flowers.
(d) A new dress.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does LIesel feel after her outburst against Frau Hermann?

2. As a child, who saved Max from the Gestapo when they were removing Jews from the neighborhood?

3. Which of the following customers is Liesel so afraid of that she skips over her house whenever possible?

4. During what month of the year does Max collapse in the basement?

5. How does Liesel describe the sensation of being burned at the book burning?

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