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Markus Zusak
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Nine, The Last Human Stranger.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long do Liesel and Rudy work with the gang leader before he moves away?
(a) Three years.
(b) Three days.
(c) Three weeks.
(d) Three months.

2. Which of the following activities do Rudy and Liesel spend the summer doing?
(a) Swimming.
(b) Stealing.
(c) Sewing.
(d) Shopping.

3. Which of the following customers is Liesel so afraid of that she skips over her house whenever possible?
(a) Frau Hansel.
(b) Frau Hermann.
(c) Frau Hubermann.
(d) Frau Hollapfel.

4. How do Rudy and Liesel break into the mayor's house?
(a) Through the wine cellar.
(b) Through an unlocked door.
(c) Through the window.
(d) Through the servant's entrance.

5. After their raid with Viktor Chemmel, how many apples are Liesel and Rudy given as payment?
(a) Ten apples each.
(b) Twenty apples each.
(c) Five apples each.
(d) One apple each.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following characters does NOT try to bully Frau Holtzapfel into the air raid shelter when she refuses to go?

2. How does the disgruntled card player die?

3. During what month of the year does Max collapse in the basement?

4. Outside of which building do Rudy and Liesel ice the sidewalk so they can steal a basket of food?

5. In what German city is Hans stationed during the war?

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