The Book Thief Character Descriptions

Markus Zusak
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Liesel Meminger

This character grows up in the foster parent system and learns to read and steal there.

Hans Hubermann

This character is a house painter who agrees to help a young Jewish man hide out and get food, even though it is considered a mortal sin.

Rosa Hubermann

This character is a laundress with a vulgar mouth who is kindhearted but does not know how to express emotions.

Rudy Steiner

This character is athletic, smart, stubborn, and obsessed with Olympic runner Jesse Owens.

Herr Steiner

This character is a tailor who loses most business during the war because many customers are Jewish.

Frau Holtzapfel

This character spits on the neighbor's door every day and refuses to seek shelter when the air raids go off.

Max Vandenburg

This character lives in the darkness before boarding a train with a copy of "Mein Kampf" and living in a basement...

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