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Lesson 1 (from Section 1, I/1-I/9)


Section 1, I/1-I/9

In the introduction to "The Book of the City of Ladies", Christine laments being born a woman after reading Matheolus' book criticizing women. As she questions God for making such a vile creature as women, three ladies, the daughters of God, descend from Heaven to comfort her in her desolate condition. They tell her that they will assist her in building a City of Ladies which will be populated with virtuous ladies throughout history. They outline their intentions for the city before beginning. This opening to the book works as a frame story. Christine, Reason, Rectitude and Justice are the primary characters, but they actually do very little in this novel. Their primary purpose is to relay and discuss the stories of other women who were famous throughout history. This lesson will focus on the frame story and its use in "The Book...

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