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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does May feel about the baby?
(a) Excited.
(b) Annoyed.
(c) Angry.
(d) Worried.

2. The following January, Ruby gets a job running ________________ that parks in the grocery store parking lot twice a month.
(a) The delivery truck.
(b) The dump truck.
(c) The icecream truck.
(d) The recycling truck.

3. Ruby was a surprise baby, born prematurely in a time when his parents had believed what?
(a) They were done with childbearing.
(b) They did not want anymore children.
(c) They did not want any children.
(d) They could not have children.

4. A few weeks later, May and Ruby fight about what?
(a) His drug use.
(b) The paintings.
(c) The guitars.
(d) The birdhouses.

5. May does not approve of Ruby from the start, claiming what?
(a) He is a loser.
(b) He is too good for Ruth.
(c) He appears to be stupid and once vandalized some cars.
(d) He is not good enough for her daughter.

6. Ruby leaves the house and Ruth learns hours later that he did what?
(a) Took pills.
(b) Ran away.
(c) Jumped into the river.
(d) Destroyed cars.

7. Ruby continues to see his counselor who pushes him to do what?
(a) See him more often.
(b) Stop using drugs.
(c) Get a home of his own for his family.
(d) Get a job.

8. Aunt Sid meets Ruth at the bus station and takes her where?
(a) To her home.
(b) To the park.
(c) On a tour of the city.
(d) To dinner.

9. Ruby and Ruth have a _____________ to celebrate their marriage.
(a) Long day.
(b) Short weekend.
(c) Long weekend.
(d) Long week.

10. Ruth names the baby what?
(a) James.
(b) Jonathan.
(c) Justin.
(d) John.

11. May thinks she is the expert on what?
(a) Organizing.
(b) Cooking.
(c) Babies.
(d) Cleaning.

12. Ruth recalls this as what?
(a) The most unusual time of her life.
(b) The best time of her life.
(c) The scariest time of her life.
(d) The worst time of her life.

13. Eventually Ruby's mother, who suffered asthma, had to move where for her health, leaving Ruby on his own in Illinois?
(a) To Arizona.
(b) To Texas.
(c) To Florida.
(d) To California.

14. Artie gives Ruby a job where?
(a) At the dry cleaners.
(b) At the mall.
(c) At the grocery store.
(d) At the car dealership.

15. As the pregnancy continues, Ruth and Ruby attend what?
(a) Baby stores.
(b) College classes.
(c) Birthing classes.
(d) Church.

Short Answer Questions

1. Ruth becomes wrapped up in what?

2. May is forced to wait where, but Ruby goes with her to the labor room?

3. Ruth goes into labor when?

4. Tensions begin to grow again as what happens?

5. No one wants to hear about Ruth's trip, so she tells who?

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