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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does this affect Ruth?
(a) It gives her a new place to work.
(b) It forces her to look for a new job.
(c) It give her more work to do.
(d) It cuts off her exposure to great literature.

2. One of May's brothers was deaf and moved to a deaf school when he was _________.
(a) Only three.
(b) Only five.
(c) Only four.
(d) Only six.

3. At other times, Ruth reads snippets of the letters she receives from whom?
(a) Aunt Sid.
(b) Daisy.
(c) Matt.
(d) Dee Dee.

4. The town is so _________ that everyone knows everyone's business.
(a) Large.
(b) Small.
(c) Irritating.
(d) Odd.

5. May is desperate to be what to Matt?
(a) His best friend.
(b) His confidante.
(c) His sister.
(d) His mother.

6. Unfortunately Ruth lost out on the spelling bee. How did May treat her?
(a) Thoughtfully.
(b) With disappointment.
(c) Cruelly.
(d) Carefully.

7. Immediately after graduation, Matt goes where?
(a) To college.
(b) To summer camp.
(c) To an academic camp.
(d) To Europe.

8. Did May accept this news?
(a) Yes, she accepted it.
(b) Yes, but only at first.
(c) No, she refused it.
(d) Yes, she accepted it a couple days after she received the news.

9. It was a rare bit of praise for a child overshadowed by whom?
(a) Her mother.
(b) Her little brother.
(c) Her father's friends.
(d) Her older brother.

10. May shows Ruth how to do what but stops abruptly when Matt walks in and sees them?
(a) Act.
(b) Have a casual conversation.
(c) Dance.
(d) Sing.

11. How does Ruth feel about these books?
(a) She fears them.
(b) She is annoyed by them.
(c) She is interested in them.
(d) She is excited about them.

12. As they grew older and Matt's _____________ continued to shine, Ruth began to torture him.
(a) Ability to make friends.
(b) Personality.
(c) Intelligence.
(d) Lover for their mother.

13. Sid came to make amends with May over an argument dealing with what?
(a) Paying the mortgage.
(b) The raising of May's children.
(c) The distribution of their parents' things upon their death.
(d) May's husband.

14. Matt is Ruth's younger brother. He always did everything ____________ she did.
(a) Similar to how.
(b) Slower and worse than.
(c) Faster and better than.
(d) The same as.

15. Why did Ruth have to pay special attention in school?
(a) So she could be as smart as her brother.
(b) So she could earn a compliment.
(c) So she could read these letters.
(d) So she could pass tests.

Short Answer Questions

1. Together as what do May and Ruth work?

2. May wore the same _________ from her sister's wedding to her husband's memorial service.

3. Matt often shone in school, actually skipping a grade. How did this affect Ruth?

4. May was the oldest of ________ children and therefore had the burden of the chores placed on her shoulders.

5. Ruth was left devastated by her own stupidity, despite advancing to the final _________.

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