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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-2)


In Chapters 1-2, Honey Creek, Illinois is described. This lesson will discuss Ruth's hometown and its importance to the story.


Class Discussion: Describe Honey Creek, Illinois.

Small Group Activity: Why is this description important? What clues might it give about the story and characters?

Class Discussion: Create a KWL chart for Honey Creek, listing what is known about the town and what the students want to know about the town. As the students read the story, add what they learn about Honey Creek.

Individual Activity: Write a short essay about your own town. How large is it? What does it look like? How do people act in your town?

Class Discussion: Have the students share their essays with the class. Have most students grown up in the same town? Do they have similar opinions about their hometowns? What other similarities and differences are found among...

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