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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Harry realize that makes her feel ashamed?
(a) That she never told Jack where she was going.
(b) That she has lost her sash.
(c) That she deserted her friends.
(d) That she is flithy.

2. Who is Kentarre?
(a) A wise woman who is very strong in kelar.
(b) Harry's old nursemaid.
(c) An archer who comes from the woods to talk to Harry.
(d) Harry's sister-in-law.

3. What does Jack say of Harry's great-grandmother?
(a) She would be ashamed of Harry.
(b) She was a Hill woman of high rank.
(c) She would do the same thing Harry is doing.
(d) She would be very proud of Harry.

4. What does Harry do when she climbs one side of the gap and draws Gonturan?
(a) Asks for the gods blessings.
(b) Calls out for Lady Aerin and Corlath.
(c) Pledges her life to defend the pass.
(d) Calls out for her great-grandmother.

5. What does Harry see as she touches the thing brought out to the Riders?
(a) Her horse with a rider holding a red flag.
(b) Her horse with a rider that Harry does not know running from battle.
(c) Her horse with a rider holding a white flag.
(d) Her horse with no rider running around in circles.

6. How many of the Riders go with Corlath into the mountains?
(a) 3500.
(b) 35.
(c) 4.
(d) 21.

7. Who is Kentarre's clan?
(a) Corlath's.
(b) She has no clan.
(c) The monen.
(d) The filanon.

8. What does Laprun-minta mean?
(a) The annoited one.
(b) First in the trials.
(c) First above the standard.
(d) The one who comes before.

9. What does Harry ask Jack not to bring?
(a) His brothers.
(b) Rifles.
(c) Sabers.
(d) Bows.

10. With whom does Harry sneak away from camp?
(a) Sungold and Mathin.
(b) Sungold and Narknon.
(c) No one.
(d) Aerin and Mathin.

11. What is Harry going to be doing according to Corlath?
(a) Training his military forces.
(b) Fight the Southerners.
(c) Fight the Northerners.
(d) Breeding strong babies.

12. Who is Thurra?
(a) The leader of the filanon.
(b) The Northern army's seer.
(c) The leader of the Northern army.
(d) The leader of Senay's village.

13. Where do Harry and Corlath spend their wedding night?
(a) The small cottage with the waterfall.
(b) Ritger's gap.
(c) Corlath's castle quarters.
(d) Her great-grandmother's home.

14. Whose honor is Mathin's honor?
(a) Terim.
(b) Harry.
(c) Corlath.
(d) Senay.

15. What does Mathin say is a sign of honor?
(a) The pendant Mathin gives Harry to wear.
(b) The bruise over Harry's right eye.
(c) Harry's slashed and mended sash.
(d) The scar on Harry's neck.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Harry notice about her army as she rides back across the gap?

2. What does Corlath tell Harry about Mathin?

3. What does Harry notice as she walks up to Corlath?

4. How many riders from the village ride out with Harry's group the next day?

5. What happens after Jack and the others see a blinding light?

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