The Blue Sword Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Where is Harry sent to live, why does she go there, who is she going to live with and what is her new home like?

Angharad Crewe, known as Harry, is sent to Istan in the Province of Daria, following the death of her father. Lady Amelia and Sir Charles Greenough have agreed to take in the young orphan, and although her new home is much wealthier than her previous home, she is attempting to make the best of things.

2. Who helped put Harry in her new home and how did he do it?

Richard, her brother, was in the military in Istan, and had asked Sir Charles for advice on what to do with his unmarried sister, as her heritage is questionable due to unknown actions of her great grandmother.

3. Why is Richard worried about Harry and how does she settle in her new home?

Harry has a wandering nature and is not considered a "proper" young lady, as she tends to be proud and opinionated. Harry is a tall woman and believes she is less than beautiful. She learns about her new town, Istan, which the Homelanders overtook from the natives, and she begins to settle in well.

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