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Make a list of what you would do if you had kelar in the real world.


Make a drawing of what you think Thurra might look like.


Draw a map of all the places Harry goes in "The Blue Sword".

Corlath's City

Build a model of what you think the city looks like out of cardboard.

Travel Brochure

Prepare a travel brochure for Harry's world of "The Blue Sword" to share with the class and encouraging people to visit this "world" as if it were possible.

Character Description

Write a physical, emotional, and relational description of two characters from the book. Add a portrait to go along with your written description. Chose from among the following: Harry Crewe, King Corlath, Jack Dedham, Mathin, Narknon, Sungold, Senay, Richard Crewe, Lady Aerin, Luthe, Thurra, Kentarre, Sir Charles, and Lady Amelia.

System of Magic

Create a system of...

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