The Blue Sword Character Descriptions

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Angharad Harry Crewe

She is not like other girls, in that she longs for adventure, loves horses, and would rather play sword fight with her brother than attend dances and balls.

King Corlath

He comes from a line of Kings, and has royal blood coursing through his veins, giving him the power of kelar, or magic.

Colonel Jack Dedham

He is a colonel at the General Mundy, the military fort in Istar where Harry is sent to live following her father's death.


He is one of the King's Rider's, and is the man responsible for training Harry for the laprun trials.


She is a hunting cat of the Hillfolk.


He is a war horse, given to Harry by Corlath once she has proven her ability to ride the Hill horses.


She first appears in the novel at the laprun trials, as Harry notices her...

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