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Chapter One

• Angharad Crewe, known as Harry, is sent to Istan upon the death of her father. Her new home with Lady Amelia and Sir Charles is nicer than her old one.

• Harry's brother, Richard, had asked Sir Charles what to do with her when their father died.

• Richard worries because Harry is not a proper young lady and tends to have a wandering nature.

• Harry settles in at her new home and makes a couple of friends, Elizabeth and Cassie Peterson.

• Harry believes her appearance is less than beautiful, not realizing there are a few of the soldiers who find her attractive.
• Harry has plans to go riding with Beth and Cassie, but Sir Charles arrives and says he is waiting for Colonel Jack Dedham and Richard.

• Charles notes that trouble has been brewing in the North. Damar, ruled by King Corlath ignores the Homelanders.

• North of...

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