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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters The Nipa Barn, Chez Dr. Isidro Cruz, and The Aero-Móvil.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Kay think started Philip on the road to his alcoholism?
(a) The death of his son.
(b) Losing his fortune in the stock market crash of 1929.
(c) Flunking out of MIT.
(d) Losing his father and older brother in a mining accident.

2. What has Carriscant researched?
(a) Applying for a visa for Portugal.
(b) Kay's real birth certificate.
(c) Bobby activity in the States.
(d) Photograph he showed Kay earlier.

3. Where does Kay's mother say Kay was born?
(a) Borneo.
(b) Thailand.
(c) Somoa.
(d) New Guinea.

4. Why does Philip Brockman call Kay frequently?
(a) To report to her on the whereabouts of Eric Meyersen.
(b) To ask for a date.
(c) To ask for money.
(d) To ask for time with their child.

5. What does the buyer plan to do?
(a) Leave it in its unfinished state.
(b) Build condos on the land.
(c) Resell the house as quickly as possible.
(d) Build the house again and call it his design.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Carriscant write to Kay?

2. Where does Kay have lunch with her mother?

3. Who is Isidro Cruz?

4. Why does Kay spend a lot of time with her lawyer?

5. What do Pantaleon and Carriscant make when they partner?

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