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Michael Connelly
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Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 26, Harry visits Calexico's historical society. He tells the worker there that he is helping a friend with his family tree. Why is he really there?

2. Assistant Chief Irving is upset that the department might be burying a drug dealer instead of Cal Moore. How does Harry calm him down?

3. Why does Harry question Corvo's ability to be an effective undercover police officer in Chapter 17?

4. Why is Corvo concerned that Harry spoke to the local Mexican police?

5. Harry meets the local police Chief and an investigator. What are Harry's impressions of them?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Harry explain the fact that the suicide body had the same tattoo as Moore?

2. What does Moore look like, when Harry finds him standing in the mirror?

3. Why was Cal Moore still going to get a hero's funeral?

4. What does Dance look like in the photograph Harry has brought with him to Mexico?

5. What does the EnviroBreed building look like?

6. How does Harry bypass the security in Cal Moore's building in Chapter 18?

7. Why, when people are killed accidentally at EnviroBreed, does Harry suspect they are shipped across the border illegally?

8. What kind of evidence does Harry collect at Juan Doe's apartment and how does he do it?

9. How does Harry recognize Corvo at the bar in Chapter 17?

10. Whom does Harry Bosch identify in the old photographs and how?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Sometimes a particular object or character can function as both a symbol and a setting. Using explicit examples from one or both of these settings, describe how Los Angeles functions as a setting on several levels. Questions to consider are: what characterizes the description of Los Angeles in this text stylistically? What connections or associations do readers bring about Los Angeles that enhance this narrative? What role does it play thematically or in terms of genre?

Essay Topic 2

Define and describe the terms plot tension and conflict, and apply them to the story of this book. Your essay should do the following:

1) Describe, from a technical point of view, the conflict structure of this book,

2) Offer examples of key moments to illustrate and serve as examples of your description of Connelly's technique, and

3) Determine what the central conflict of this novel is and explain why.

Essay Topic 3

A major psychological theme of this book is family, particularly as it has to do with the characterization of Cal Moore. Offer examples of Connolly's theme of family, and explain how it contributes to the plot and conflict structure of this book. Your essay should feature strong argumentative evidence.

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