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Michael Connelly
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Short Answer Questions

1. Harry and Aguila don't leave EnviroBreed despite Ely's angry outburst. What do they find out from a bureaucrat they speak with?

2. Before leaving for Mexico in Chapter 19, what does Harry hide in the trunk of his car?

3. Why does Harry learn that Aguila was called a derogatory name at the police headquarters?

4. Why does Harry think it's worth visiting the Castillo de los Ojos in Chapter 26?

5. Cal Moore's wife, Sylvia, ends up coming to Moore's apartment while Harry is there. What does she tell Harry that Cal's tattoo meant?

Short Essay Questions

1. As Harry is driving back into L.A., he sees a hill scorched by fire. Despite the destruction, why is he not worried?

2. Why did many day laborers at the circle refuse to work at EnviroBreed?

3. Whom does Harry Bosch identify in the old photographs and how?

4. How does Harry bypass the security in Cal Moore's building in Chapter 18?

5. What did the bullfighter, Silvestri, look like when he entered the arena?

6. Why does Harry cancel his hotel room in Calexico after he talks to his colleagues in Hollywood?

7. How does Harry explain the fact that the suicide body had the same tattoo as Moore?

8. What does Dance look like in the photograph Harry has brought with him to Mexico?

9. How does Harry recognize Corvo at the bar in Chapter 17?

10. Why was Cal Moore still going to get a hero's funeral?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Using specific textual evidence and a strong line of argumentation, write an argumentative essay about Connelly's depiction of man/woman relationships, particularly those in which Bosch is present. Your essay must include a thesis, that is, an idea or postulation and then a line of argument that explains and develops it. Issues to consider are: the characterizations of the people in question, these relationships as sources of plot tension, and any other reasons why you postulate how to read Connelly's description of these relationships.

Essay Topic 2

This novel is a contemporary mystery that uses the trade of illegal drugs as both setting and plot. In an analytical essay, offer an explanation and analysis of how the drug trade functions 1) as setting and 2) as the source of the plot. Be sure to use specific examples from the text that richly illustrate the claims you make. In addition, you may also consider what you learned about the drug trade during our class discussion on it.

Essay Topic 3

Michael Connelly is a best-selling author whose books are among the most available in the United States. Using specific textual evidence, construct an analytical argument that includes at least 3 examples of why you think this book (and series) is popular. It should also include a counterargument with at least 1 example of something you think could have a negative effect on the popularity of this book for some readers.

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