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Michael Connelly
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Short Answer Questions

1. How well does Harry know Cal Moore, the murder victim?

2. Why do the other bar patrons eventually leave?

3. The murdered man that Harry called "Juan Doe" is really named Fernal Guitierrez-Llosa. What does Harry learn that Guitierrez-Llosa did for a living?

4. What does Harry realize about Rickard as they process the arrest of the young drug dealer?

5. What does Harry tell Rickard that he does not believe in Chapter 15?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the work environment in Harry's police station.

2. In Chapters 9 and 10, what is bothering Teresa?

3. What is the real reason why Harry Bosch finds Hollywood depressing?

4. What does Harry learn in Chapter 12 about why Porter did not come clean with what he knew about Juan Doe?

5. What is black ice?

6. What was unusual about the fruit flies found in the autopsy, according to Teresa Corazon?

7. How does the reader know, in Chapter 7, that Harry empathizes with Porter?

8. Describe the previous interactions between Cal Moore and Harry Bosch and the extent to which they knew each other before Moore's suicide.

9. Why does Moore's life begin disintegrating, according to his wife?

10. Why does Harry begin to think that Moore was a bad cop?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

A satisfying mystery must keep tension up to draw interest, but also withhold information from the reader in order to make the mystery "pay off." One primary way a mystery author can achieve this balance is through clues released along the way. Write an essay that explains and interrogates at least three key clues Michael Connelly's character uses to solve the mystery. Questions to consider include: how does Harry find the clue? What mental leap must he make to put it together with other information? How satisfying is it for the reader? Is the pay off of the solve great enough to justify these clues?

Essay Topic 2

Point of view technique mediates the flow of information between author and reader. Write an essay that analyzes the point of view of this novel. Offer detailed descriptions of how the narrative voice actually tells the story. Finally, critique the point of view by offering your analytical opinion about how it enhanced (or did not enhance) the novel.

Essay Topic 3

In both the characters of the BANG squad and in Moore/Zorrillo's relationship, Michael Connelly offers two visions of brotherhood and friendship. Describe each of these models of a masculine bond using specific textual evidence. Then, Compare and contrast them in terms of what the author is trying to communicate to the reader. What do you take away from each of these two models of fraternity?

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