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Michael Connelly
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 18, Harry goes to to Cal Moore's apartment to investigate. This is risky, as police brass would not like it. Why does Harry go there anyway?
(a) He feels like he is the only one who cares to find out how Cal Moore really died.
(b) He needs to find his missing badge.
(c) He made a promise to Cal's widow.
(d) He needs to clear his own name in this case.

2. When Cal Moore and Harry finally meet face-to-face in Chapter 32, Moore is not surprised. Why?
(a) He thought Harry would come for him.
(b) He saw Harry coming through the window.
(c) Jerry Edgar had called him to warn him.
(d) He'd run a wiretap on Harry's cell and knew he was coming.

3. Upon arriving in Mexico and checking into his hotel, Harry finds that he already has phone messages. Who are they from?
(a) Cal Moore.
(b) Lt. Pounds and Assistant Chief Irving.
(c) Teresa Corazon.
(d) Zorrillo.

4. What does Harry tell Teresa to do to check to see if he is right about Cal Moore killing Zorrillo?
(a) To meet him in Mexico.
(b) To call Lt. Pounds.
(c) To check the prints of the man the police think was Moore.
(d) To exhume Cal Moore's body.

5. In Chapter 29, the raid does not go well. What does Harry observe about the impact of fear on people?
(a) It makes everyone sad.
(b) It makes everyone giddy with joy.
(c) It strips away their carefully orchestrated poses.
(d) It makes them all scream at one another.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter 23, Harry calls L.A. and checks in with fellow detective Jerry Edgar. What does Edgar tell him their Lieutenant is thinking?

2. In Chapter 22, Harry asks why Agulia bothered to send a message to the US Consul notifying them that Guitierrez-Llosa was missing. What does Agulia say?

3. Assistant Chief Irving is upset that the department might be burying a drug dealer instead of Cal Moore. How does Harry calm him down?

4. Why is Harry not scared by what Irving says in Chapter 24?

5. How does the fact that Cal Moore faked his own death help Teresa Corazon to be appointed as the Chief Medical Examiner?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was the terrible thing that Cecil did to Moore as a boy?

2. Describe what it is like when Harry drives back across the border.

3. What is CLET and what functions does it perform?

4. How does Harry bypass the security in Cal Moore's building in Chapter 18?

5. Whom does Harry Bosch identify in the old photographs and how?

6. Why, when people are killed accidentally at EnviroBreed, does Harry suspect they are shipped across the border illegally?

7. In Chapter 21, Harry insists on taking the Caprice. Why is he so intent on driving that car?

8. Why did many day laborers at the circle refuse to work at EnviroBreed?

9. What does Harry tell the man at the historical society and what is Harry really doing there?

10. How did Aguila decide to report the missing person who ended up Juan Doe, when Mexico does not even have a missing persons bureau?

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