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Michael Connelly
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do Harry and Aguila go to the airport in Chapter 28?
(a) To catch a plane back to L.A.
(b) To question the ticket agents about Moore's murder.
(c) To visit the DEA agents at their secret headquarters.
(d) To examine evidence on a plane.

2. Why did Cal Moore leave the file for Harry that got him started thinking Moore had been murdered?
(a) He forgot it.
(b) Leaving the file was Moore's back-up plan.
(c) It was meant for Zorrillo.
(d) He wanted Harry to catch him and put him in jail.

3. Why do Irving and so many others not trust Harry, despite the fact that he is a dedicated detective?
(a) Because he is so violent.
(b) Because he only works for the money.
(c) Because he does not play for a team, he plays for himself.
(d) Because they suspect he is getting a pay-off.

4. In Chapter 23, Harry calls L.A. and checks in with fellow detective Jerry Edgar. What does Edgar tell him their Lieutenant is thinking?
(a) That Lucius Porter faked his own suicide.
(b) That Lucius Porter and Cal Moore are the same person.
(c) That Harry is a drug dealer.
(d) That Harry killed Lucius Porter.

5. Porter's body was found in Sunshine Canyon. But where was he really murdered?
(a) In downtown L.A.
(b) In Hollywood.
(c) In Calexico.
(d) In Mexico.

Short Answer Questions

1. The head of EnviroBreed reveals his name to be Charles Ely. He tells Harry that he cannot look around the facility. Why?

2. What connection does Corvo help Harry to make between Zorilo and Cal Moore?

3. Harry also calls Teresa Corazon in Chapter 23 to find out if Porter's murder was connected to any others. What does he find out?

4. Harry and Aguila don't leave EnviroBreed despite Ely's angry outburst. What do they find out from a bureaucrat they speak with?

5. Why is Harry nervous about what Cal Moore confesses to him?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Corvo's most notable facial feature?

2. Why did many day laborers at the circle refuse to work at EnviroBreed?

3. How does Harry recognize Corvo at the bar in Chapter 17?

4. Why, when people are killed accidentally at EnviroBreed, does Harry suspect they are shipped across the border illegally?

5. Why does Harry cancel his hotel room in Calexico after he talks to his colleagues in Hollywood?

6. What does Harry tell the man at the historical society and what is Harry really doing there?

7. What does Harry find out when he calls Hollywood, to the police, from Calexico?

8. How did Aguila decide to report the missing person who ended up Juan Doe, when Mexico does not even have a missing persons bureau?

9. As Harry is driving back into L.A., he sees a hill scorched by fire. Despite the destruction, why is he not worried?

10. What is CLET and what functions does it perform?

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