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Michael Connelly
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is it that Harry finds suspicious about the EnviroBreed office when he sees it?
(a) He notices strange smoke coming from a chimney.
(b) He finds the presence of bulls odd.
(c) That there is no sign or marking on the building.
(d) The building is too big.

2. In Chapter 28, how does Ramos plan to get Zorrillo into the United States for arrest after the raid?
(a) The helicopter pilots will fly over the border intentionally.
(b) He'll be sent back through the tunnel to EnviroBreed.
(c) He'll be loaded into a waiting car and driven to the states.
(d) He'll be forced to walk across the border.

3. What does Harry spend most of his time thinking about on his drive to Calexico?
(a) How he found out who his real father was.
(b) How he felt about killing a man.
(c) How he wants to have a child.
(d) How he wants to date Teresa.

4. Why does Harry go to the bar called "Code 7" in Chapter 17?
(a) To buy drugs.
(b) To meet his girlfriend.
(c) To get a drink after work.
(d) To meet the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) officer named Corvo who might have worked with Cal Moore.

5. DEA agent Ramos is killed in the pursuit of Zorrillo in Chapter 30. How is he killed?
(a) Zorrillo strangles him to death.
(b) By a bull.
(c) By a large boulder falling on him.
(d) Harry shoots him by accident.

Short Answer Questions

1. Upon arriving in Mexico and checking into his hotel, Harry finds that he already has phone messages. Who are they from?

2. Harry and Aguila don't leave EnviroBreed despite Ely's angry outburst. What do they find out from a bureaucrat they speak with?

3. Who does Ramos say is the owner of EnviroBreed?

4. Ramos is the DEA operative Corvo set Harry up with in Mexico. Why does he come to Mexicali to visit Harry?

5. When Harry calls L.A., he finds out that Lucius Porter had been found murdered. How was he killed?

Short Essay Questions

1. As Harry is driving back into L.A., he sees a hill scorched by fire. Despite the destruction, why is he not worried?

2. What does Harry tell the man at the historical society and what is Harry really doing there?

3. What did the bullfighter, Silvestri, look like when he entered the arena?

4. How does Harry bypass the security in Cal Moore's building in Chapter 18?

5. What was the terrible thing that Cecil did to Moore as a boy?

6. How and where does Harry find the histories of Calexico?

7. How did Aguila decide to report the missing person who ended up Juan Doe, when Mexico does not even have a missing persons bureau?

8. What is CLET and what functions does it perform?

9. What does the EnviroBreed building look like?

10. In Chapter 21, Harry insists on taking the Caprice. Why is he so intent on driving that car?

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