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Michael Connelly
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why was the old man--Guitierrez-Llosa--killed?
(a) He witnessed Zorrillo using the tunnel.
(b) He'd threatened to go to the police.
(c) He swallowed a MedFly.
(d) He tried to blackmail Zorrillo.

2. What about Harry's drive to Calexico in Chapter 19 is pleasing to Harry?
(a) Harry loves to listen to the radio.
(b) Harry loves cars.
(c) Harry thinks that he does some of his best driving while driving alone.
(d) Harry uses long drives to catch up with friends on his cell phone.

3. What problem does Harry identify in Chapter 28 that every cop in California runs into?
(a) A concern about corruption.
(b) A limited number of hours to work before a wall is reached.
(c) Mexico refuses to extradite its citizens.
(d) A concern that the death penalty will be enacted.

4. What is Mr. Monz's role in investigating the death of Guitierrez-Llosa, the Juan Doe Harry found in the alley?
(a) He asked Guitierrez-Llosa to leave Mexico.
(b) He was Guitierrez-Llosa's father.
(c) He killed Guitierrez-Llosa.
(d) He reported Guitierrez-Llosa missing.

5. Why does Harry learn that Aguila was called a derogatory name at the police headquarters?
(a) Because he is Jewish.
(b) Because he is gay.
(c) Because he is Chinese.
(d) Because he is a bad cop.

Short Answer Questions

1. Harry and Aguila don't leave EnviroBreed despite Ely's angry outburst. What do they find out from a bureaucrat they speak with?

2. Who pays Harry an unexpected visit at the bullfight?

3. Why does Harry go to the bar called "Code 7" in Chapter 17?

4. What does Cal Moore offer Harry to prevent him from arresting him?

5. Why is the DEA agent--Corvo--reluctant to talk to Harry in Chapter 17?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why, when people are killed accidentally at EnviroBreed, does Harry suspect they are shipped across the border illegally?

2. As Harry is driving back into L.A., he sees a hill scorched by fire. Despite the destruction, why is he not worried?

3. What was the terrible thing that Cecil did to Moore as a boy?

4. Why was Cal Moore still going to get a hero's funeral?

5. What does Dance look like in the photograph Harry has brought with him to Mexico?

6. Why did many day laborers at the circle refuse to work at EnviroBreed?

7. How does Harry recognize Corvo at the bar in Chapter 17?

8. In Chapter 32, how does Harry know that Moore is in residence in the house at Coyote Trail?

9. Why does Harry cancel his hotel room in Calexico after he talks to his colleagues in Hollywood?

10. What does Moore look like, when Harry finds him standing in the mirror?

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