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Michael Connelly
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Harry meets the local police Chief and an investigator. What are Harry's impressions of them?
(a) The local Captain is uninterested in helping Harry.
(b) Aguila is unhelpful; Grena is very helpful.
(c) Both are uninterested in helping Harry.
(d) Both are very interested in helping Harry.

2. Why is Harry nervous about what Cal Moore confesses to him?
(a) Because cops know not to admit to committing a crime.
(b) He's worried that Moore is setting him up.
(c) He does not have a tape recorder.
(d) Because he thinks there might be an accomplice.

3. What are DEA agents planning to do to Zorrillo's ranch?
(a) Raid it to search for drugs and illegal activity.
(b) Take over the drug operation and begin sales to the US.
(c) Arrest everyone on it they can find.
(d) Burn it down.

4. In Chapter 21, what important proof does Harry find in Guitierrez-Llosa's shack to confirm his theory about the Juan Doe murder?
(a) Proof that Cal Moore was a drug dealer.
(b) Proof that Zorrillo killed Guitierrez-Llosa.
(c) Proof that Guitierrez-Llosa worked for EnviroBreed.
(d) Proof that Lucius Porter was related to Guitierrez-Llosa.

5. Why did Cal Moore leave the file for Harry that got him started thinking Moore had been murdered?
(a) He forgot it.
(b) He wanted Harry to catch him and put him in jail.
(c) Leaving the file was Moore's back-up plan.
(d) It was meant for Zorrillo.

6. Why does Harry learn that Aguila was called a derogatory name at the police headquarters?
(a) Because he is gay.
(b) Because he is Jewish.
(c) Because he is a bad cop.
(d) Because he is Chinese.

7. In Chapter 21, what tasks does Agulia assign?
(a) He suggests that Harry collect fingerprints.
(b) He has all three search for evidence.
(c) He asks Harry to get lunch while he and Munoz search for evidence.
(d) He asks Harry to notify the widow.

8. Who pays Harry an unexpected visit at the bullfight?
(a) Teresa Cordova.
(b) Police Captain Grena.
(c) Jerry Edgar.
(d) Zorrillo.

9. Assistant Chief Irving is upset that the department might be burying a drug dealer instead of Cal Moore. How does Harry calm him down?
(a) He lies to Irving and tells him there is no real reason for concern.
(b) He distracts him by threatening his life.
(c) He tells Irving that Moore is also dead.
(d) He offers him a mood-stabilizing pill.

10. Why do Harry and Aguila go to the airport in Chapter 28?
(a) To visit the DEA agents at their secret headquarters.
(b) To examine evidence on a plane.
(c) To catch a plane back to L.A.
(d) To question the ticket agents about Moore's murder.

11. In Chapter 23, Harry calls L.A. and checks in with fellow detective Jerry Edgar. What does Edgar tell him their Lieutenant is thinking?
(a) That Harry is a drug dealer.
(b) That Lucius Porter and Cal Moore are the same person.
(c) That Harry killed Lucius Porter.
(d) That Lucius Porter faked his own suicide.

12. Where does Harry go to find Cal Moore in Chapter 32?
(a) To his apartment on Franklin.
(b) To his ex-wife Teresa's house.
(c) To his funeral.
(d) To the Castillo de los Ojos, Moore's boyhood home.

13. Ramos is the DEA operative Corvo set Harry up with in Mexico. Why does he come to Mexicali to visit Harry?
(a) Because he found another Juan Doe.
(b) Because the DEA is unhappy about Harry's visit to EnviroBreed.
(c) Because he always wanted to visit Mexicali.
(d) Because Cal Moore was seen at a bullfight.

14. Harry finds a dress police uniform in Cal Moore's closet. Why does he think that's a bad omen?
(a) He thinks Cal was kidnapped.
(b) He wonders why Cal was not wearing it when he died.
(c) He thinks Cal may have been killed.
(d) Because after you leave patrol, the only reason to save a dress uniform is for your own funeral.

15. What kind of unique door handle does Code 7 have?
(a) A chain.
(b) A snake.
(c) A hose.
(d) A Billy club.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Aguila take Harry to visit?

2. What does Harry spend most of his time thinking about on his drive to Calexico?

3. How does Harry respond to Agulia's story about how he got involved in the Guitierrez-Llosa case?

4. DEA agent Ramos is killed in the pursuit of Zorrillo in Chapter 30. How is he killed?

5. Harry also calls Teresa Corazon in Chapter 23 to find out if Porter's murder was connected to any others. What does he find out?

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