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Michael Connelly
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 25, where does Harry ask Aguila to take him to see Zorrillo?
(a) The border crossing.
(b) The beach.
(c) The mall.
(d) The bullfight.

2. In Chapter 27, what does Harry bring with him to the bullfight?
(a) A set of handcuffs to make the arrest.
(b) A fingerprint kit.
(c) A pair of binoculars to get a closer look at Zorrillo.
(d) A camera, to take pictures of evidence.

3. Harry starts to put the pieces together in Chapter 31. He thinks Cal Moore killed Zorrillo and set it up so that it would look like he was killed. What proof does he offer Teresa that this is true?
(a) He believes the photos he found of Zorillio and Moore connect them.
(b) He describes the evidence he found at the historical society.
(c) Harry tells Teresa how dental records and fingerprints could have been faked.
(d) He puts her on the phone with Aguila.

4. In Chapter 20, Jerry Edgar reveals a new connection between Cal Moore and Lucius Porter. What is it?
(a) They are brothers.
(b) They had both worked with the same criminal informant.
(c) Assistant Chief Irving thinks their murders are connected.
(d) They'd been dealing drugs together.

5. What does Captain Grena say he did to help Harry save time?
(a) Looked up the arrest record for Zorrillo.
(b) Looked up the arrest record for Guitierrez-Llosa.
(c) Interviewed someone at EnviroBreed.
(d) Interviewed Guitierrez-Llosa's wife.

6. Why does Harry think that Corvo should work with him?
(a) Because he suspects Corvo is the real killer.
(b) Because Corvo is a better cop than Harry.
(c) Because he likes Corvo.
(d) Because he sees a connection to Zorilio--the drug kingpin--that no one else sees.

7. Who dumped Guitierrez-Llosa's body in the alley?
(a) Cal Moore.
(b) The young drug dealer.
(c) Apris.
(d) Zorrillo.

8. Why does Harry find the symbolism behind Cal Moore's tattoo meaningful?
(a) It represents the relationship betwen police and criminals.
(b) Cal Moore used to be a Catholic priest.
(c) He thinks it helps to explain Moore's suicide note.
(d) Harry thinks it helps explain why Cal divorced his wife.

9. One DEA agent dies in the raid. How is he killed?
(a) He is knocked over by a landing helipcopter.
(b) He hangs himself.
(c) By "friendly fire," meaning that another agent shot him by accident.
(d) Zorillio slits his throat.

10. How did Moore get Zorrillo's prints to plant at the crime scene?
(a) He cut off Zorrillo's fingers.
(b) Moore made Zorrillo a passport and told him he needed his prints too.
(c) He mailed them to an accomplice.
(d) He dragged Zorrillo's body there.

11. Who pays Harry an unexpected visit at the bullfight?
(a) Teresa Cordova.
(b) Zorrillo.
(c) Police Captain Grena.
(d) Jerry Edgar.

12. Harry also calls Teresa Corazon in Chapter 23 to find out if Porter's murder was connected to any others. What does he find out?
(a) That Porter had fruit flies in his eyes.
(b) Porter and Jimmy Kapps had been killed in the same manner.
(c) That Porter was born in Mexicali.
(d) That Cal Moore's prints were found on Porter.

13. Why does Harry believe that the EnviroBreed ranch is connected to the drug trade Cal Moore had been investigating?
(a) He thinks the Black Ice dealers used the ranch to distribute the drug to the North.
(b) He thinks EnviroBreed is a terrorist front group.
(c) Harry belives that EnviroBreed is a cover for DEA agents.
(d) Harry believes that EnviroBreed is growing marijuana.

14. What does Harry spend most of his time thinking about on his drive to Calexico?
(a) How he found out who his real father was.
(b) How he felt about killing a man.
(c) How he wants to date Teresa.
(d) How he wants to have a child.

15. Ramos allows Aguila to stay but what does he tell Harry Aguila he cannot have?
(a) A bullet proof vest.
(b) A dossier of information.
(c) A knife.
(d) A gun.

Short Answer Questions

1. Porter's body was found in Sunshine Canyon. But where was he really murdered?

2. Who does Ramos say is the owner of EnviroBreed?

3. What is it that Harry finds suspicious about the EnviroBreed office when he sees it?

4. What else does Teresa tell Harry, on a more personal note, on the phone in Chapter 23?

5. Ramos is the DEA operative Corvo set Harry up with in Mexico. Why does he come to Mexicali to visit Harry?

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