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Michael Connelly
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 5-7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When they meet up on stage in this novel the first time, what does Moore's wife accuse Harry of?
(a) Allowing TV reporters to tell her of her husband's death so Harry won't have to.
(b) Quitting from her late husand's investigatory team.
(c) Taking bribes to avoid finding answers in the case.
(d) Not caring enough about the murder.

2. Pounds asks Harry to solve a case by New Year's Day to improve the Department's statistics. Why does this offend Harry?
(a) Harry is convinced that Pounds is not a good boss.
(b) Harry thinks Pounds has a hidden agenda.
(c) He thinks Pounds is more concerned with numbers than people.
(d) Harry does not think murder investigations should be solved hastily.

3. During his conversation in Chapter 5 with Pounds, Harry takes his "full measure." What is it that he realizes?
(a) Pounds is a killer.
(b) Pounds is very smart.
(c) Pounds is a bureaucrat more than he is a cop.
(d) Pounds is not a good cop.

4. Who is Harry's full-time partner?
(a) Cal Moore.
(b) No one, because there are no permanent partner assignments.
(c) Lucius Porter.
(d) Jerry Edgar.

5. The victim of the crime Harry is investigating is a former colleague of his. His life began to disintegrate when:
(a) He began to sell drugs.
(b) He robbed a bank.
(c) He divorced his wife.
(d) Internal Affairs began to investigate.

Short Answer Questions

1. Harry is asked to meet with his Lieutenant in his office. What is the nickname for his office?

2. Harry learns what "black ice" is from Cal Moore. What it?

3. What cases does Harry decide to focus on first?

4. Why does Harry think homicides more difficult to solve in Hollywood?

5. After Moore dies, what task does Bosch agree to help with in his murder investigation?

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