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Michael Connelly
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 26-30.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Harry question Corvo's ability to be an effective undercover police officer in Chapter 17?
(a) He thinks Corvo's scars make him stand out too much.
(b) He is too short.
(c) He is not a good police officer.
(d) He thinks Corvo's tatoos make him stand out too much.

2. Why does Harry go to the bar called "Code 7" in Chapter 17?
(a) To meet the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) officer named Corvo who might have worked with Cal Moore.
(b) To get a drink after work.
(c) To meet his girlfriend.
(d) To buy drugs.

3. What does Harry tell Rickard that he does not believe in Chapter 15?
(a) Cal Moore was an informant,
(b) That Cal Moore secretly hated Rickard.
(c) That Cal Moore "crossed," meaning that he'd become corrupt.
(d) That Cal Moore was a secret agenct.

4. What attracts Harry Bosch's attention on the police scanner as the book opens?
(a) A house fire.
(b) Brushfire.
(c) Smoke signals.
(d) Forest fire.

5. Why is it a problem that Harry brought Aguila with him to meet Ramos in Chapter 28?
(a) Because the DEA was conducting an investigation on Aguila.
(b) Ramos was a suspect.
(c) The DEA had planned to corner Harry and arrest him.
(d) Ramos and the DEA agents don't trust Aguila or the local police.

Short Answer Questions

1. Teresa also finds fruit fly larvae in Juan Doe's stomach. What does she conclude about their presence?

2. What is the clientele like at Poe's, the bar where Harry finally finds Porter?

3. Why was Harry demoted from the elite Robbery Homicide Division?

4. Why do Harry and Aguila go to the airport in Chapter 28?

5. Why does Harry think that Corvo--the DEA agent from L.A.--is acting so lively in Chapter 28?

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