Objects & Places from The Black Ice

Michael Connelly
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Letter to IAD

This object implicates Moore in his own death.

Black Ice

This term is a street drug first manufactured in Hawaii and then Mexico that is a combination of cocaine, heroin, and PCP.


This object is found with Moore's body with his fingerprints on the barrel, suggesting Moore committed suicide as the scene suggests.


Using these objects, Harry is able to ascertain that Zorrillo is Moore's half brother and to find the home Moore they grew up in.


These objects have a brand symbol of a snake.


This object is how officers identified Moore.

EnviroBreed Paystubs

These objects are found in a widow's coffee cans.


This terms refers to an elite squad tracks of narcotics officers in Los Angeles.

Hideaway Motel

This location is where Moore's body is found.


This location is where Moore grew up.

Bull Fights

This is...

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