Daily Lessons for Teaching The Black Ice

Michael Connelly
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-4)


Chapters 1-4

The first chapters of any novel are key to understanding the entire book. Key clues about the author's intention and style that you can learn in the beginning will help you the whole way through. The objective of this lesson is to introduce the students to this novel.


1. Class Discussion: What are your expectations of this novel? What does it seem like it will be about? Consider the title and the book's cover and art, or even the blurbs. What do they communicate to you about this book? What do you think about the points-of-view or author's voice in the introduction? What does it tell you about this book.

2. Individual Work: Students should write a reaction paragraph to Chapter 1, which evaluates the first chapter in terms of student expectations defined in the discussion. What does Chapter 1 tell you about this book?

3. Journal Write...

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