The Black Ice Fun Activities

Michael Connelly
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Casting Director

Write up a list of the characters and what actors or actresses should play them in a movie. You can bring in pictures of the actors/actresses.

Movie Poster

Draw or design a movie poster for a film adaptation of this novel.

Graphic Novel

Seek out a graphic adaptation of this novel, or if you can't find one, draw up your own. Would you want to use a comic book style? A manga style? A more realistic or impressionistic style? You can focus on just one chapter or scene, but try and sketch out some of the action.

Michael Connelly

Look up the author's biography. Why do you think he wrote this book?

Blog It

Write a series of blog posts in Bosch's voice about what he has seen and experienced.


Pretend that you are Harry Bosch speaking to a middle school classroom about his...

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