The Black Ice Character Descriptions

Michael Connelly
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Harry Bosch

This person is a detective with the LAPD who once worked with the elite Robbery-Homicide Division.

Calexico Moore

This person is an LAPD detective who works with the BANG unit, tracking and busting drug dealers in Hollywood, whose suicide is central to this plot.

Sylvia Moore

This person is the dead cop's widow.

Lucius Porter

This person is another detective with the Hollywood Division who is a heavy drinker since his partner died.

Teresa Corazon

This person is the acting chief medical examiner of Los Angeles.

Carlos Aguila

This person sends a telex to the Los Angeles consulate informing them of a missing man in Mexicali.

Humberto Zorrillo aka The Pope

This character uses the money he makes selling drugs to offer work and better living conditions to the people of the slums.

Corvo and Ramos

These characters are a DEA agent and a Mexican cop...

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