The Black Ice Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Michael Connelly
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Chapters 1-4

• Harry Bosch, a detective with the LAPD, becomes involved in the case of a murdered cop when two of his own cases appear to overlap the cop's case.

• Harry is warned several times to back off, but Harry follows the evidence and his instincts without concern to the toes he might step on.
• Harry is listening into the dispatcher on Christmas night. A call comes in in his jurisdiction, but he is not dispatched.

• Harry calls the station to find out why he was not called.

• The body is that of Calexico Moore, a cop who has been missing for a week.

• Harry goes to the crime scene but is asked to leave when Deputy Chief Irving arrives.

• Harry manages to see the suicide note, which contains only one line.
• Irving asks Harry to go tell Moore's estranged wife. When Harry arrives, he sees a television...

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