Objects & Places from The Black Echo

Michael Connelly
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Beverly Hills Safe & Lock

This is the institution on Wilshire Blvd. where an illegal cache of diamonds is stored because it is not federally regulated.

The Blue Chateau

This is a depressing motel where a graffiti crew stays and where an underage prostitute is found by law enforcement.

Charlie Company

This is a halfway house in Ventura County where a vegetable farm is tended by Vietnam combat veterans on early release from prison.

Federal Bureau of Investigation

This is an agency that throws its weight around and has facilities that rival legal offices.

First Infantry Division

This is the Army unit in Vietnam whose job was to patrol in order to check out and destroy underground tunnels.

Happy Hocker

This is the name of a pawnshop that was broken into.

Hollywood Division

This section of a law enforcement agency handles criminals from the local area, and there is...

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