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Michael Connelly
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Essay Topic 1

The Black Echo is considered a mystery, or detective novel. Write an essay that explains what characterizes this novel as a mystery. Include a discussion of suspense, evidence, and suspects to support your analysis.

Essay Topic 2

Bosch, the protagonist, is characterized by Wish as an "institutional man." Irving does not like Bosch because he has difficulty becoming part of the LAPD "family." Write an essay that describes Bosch's background and what in that background would make him have difficulty fitting in to the LAPD "family."

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contract the protagonist, Bosch, with one of the antagonists, Wish. It is not evident until later in the novel that Wish is an antagonist, but there are clues that let the reader know that in most ways, she is working again Bosch. Include in your essay evidence given by the author early on in the plot that...

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