The Black Echo Character Descriptions

Michael Connelly
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Hieronymus Bosch

This character is a former tunnel rat during the Vietnam War and is the protagonist of the novel.

Eleanor D. Wish

This character is an FBI agent and the mastermind of the WestLand burglary.

Binh and Tran

These two characters smuggled heroin into the United States after serving as police captains during the Vietnam War.

Joel Bremmer

This character is a reporter for the Los Angeles Times and has a good reputation among the cops.

Jerry Edgar

This character works for the Los Angeles Police Department and ends up disappointing his partner at the end of the novel.

Franklin and Delgado

These two characters serve time for bank robbery and are sent by their former commander in Saigon to steal back a bracelet.

Ed Gearson

The character is a supervisor for the Department of Water and Power and provides the various law enforcement entities with a...

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