The Black Echo Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Michael Connelly
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Part 1, Pages 1-39

• In the middle of the night, a young man is apply graffiti near a reservoir.

• When he suddenly hears the sound of a truck, he hides in the bushes.

• Several hours later, a detective for the Los Angeles Police Department receives a call informing him that a body has been found inside a pipe at the Mulholland Dam.
• The body is found 30 feet inside the pipe.

• Bosch examines the body and notices that there are no scratches on it, but sees that there is a fresh needle mark and a tattoo.

• Bosch recognizes the tattoo as one of a Vietnam tunnel rat, and tells his partner, Edgar, to look up the file of a man named William Meadows, born around 1950.

• Bosch says that he knows Meadows from being with him in Saigon.

• Bosch examines the graffiti and goes to Meadows's apartment, where the landlady explains...

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