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Paul Gilroy
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Short Answer Questions

1. Which factor did NOT divide black subjectivity according to Gilroy's account of Richard Wright's thought?

2. What distinction does Gilroy say Richard Wright was the first black writer to achieve?

3. What does Gilroy say Afrocentrism is really?

4. What do Jews and blacks fear from a discussion of the Holocaust and slavery?

5. How does Gilroy say blacks are different from Jews?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do Jews and blacks both resist the comparison of slavery and the Holocaust, as Gilroy describes it?

2. What did DuBois argue was the only way to deal with the brutality of modern civilized life in the South?

3. Describe the pan-Africanism movement which Richard Wright was part of.

4. How does Gilroy characterize the ontological state of slavery?

5. Why was Wright criticized for his characterizations, according to Gilroy?

6. What was DuBois' relation with blackness?

7. How does blackness function in DuBois' writing, as Gilroy describes it?

8. Why, in Gilroy's opinion, is tradition useful in modern black culture?

9. What does Gilroy say DuBois reminded blacks?

10. In what way was capitalist culture a kind of crisis in itself, Wright?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is the relationship between race and nationality according to Gilroy? What was it originally and what has it become? How has it changed over time? What changed it?

Essay Topic 2

Gilroy celebrates black music for its ability to avoid the monotone discourse that takes place in other parts of black culture. How does Gilroy himself preserve the sound of other voices and perspectives throughout his book?

Essay Topic 3

Where does black cultural legitimacy come from? The academy or the ghetto? Africa or America? Where does Gilroy claim his legitimacy comes from? How does he counter claims that would challenge his legitimacy?

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