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Paul Gilroy
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2, Masters, Mistresses, Slaves and the Antinomies of Modernity.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has been superseded by economic, social and cultural forces, according to Gilroy?
(a) Socialism.
(b) The nation-state.
(c) Capitalism.
(d) Race.

2. What relation does Gilroy describe as fundamental to the black experience?
(a) The relation of blood enemies.
(b) The leader-follower relation.
(c) The master-slave relation.
(d) The bourgeois-proletarian relation.

3. Under what light does this claim cease to hold up, in Gilroy's opinion?
(a) In light of the West's relations with poorer nations.
(b) In light of the discontent of industrial workers.
(c) In light of radical Islam's hostility.
(d) In light of the West's nationalist movements.

4. What does Gilroy say master-race intellectuals often do to race?
(a) Essentialize it in opposition to the master race.
(b) Reduce it to marketable cultural forms.
(c) Subsume it into working class consciousness.
(d) Fetishize it.

5. What does Gilroy say modern historical conditions require of race concepts?
(a) Developmental progression.
(b) Essentialism.
(c) Return to origins.
(d) Practical applications.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Gilroy characterize identity?

2. What idea permeates slave consciousness, according to Gilroy?

3. Who said that slavery is at the natal core of modernity?

4. How does Gilroy say the Black Atlantic should be understood?

5. What concept has captured leftist thinkers in the academy according to Gilroy?

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