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Paul Gilroy
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 1, The Black Atlantic as a Counterculture of Modernity.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What contradiction did Martin Robison Delany NOT embody in his beliefs, according to Gilroy?
(a) Pro- and anti-Africa feelings.
(b) Nationalist and internationalist beliefs.
(c) Abolitionist and pro-slavery convictions.
(d) Radical and conservative nationalism.

2. What reason does Gilroy use for justifying this characterization of the notion of racial purity?
(a) It fuels a false sense of cultural identity.
(b) It gives individuals too much freedom.
(c) It obscures realities.
(d) It lumps dissimilar people together.

3. What concept has captured leftist thinkers in the academy according to Gilroy?
(a) American essentialism.
(b) Revisionism.
(c) Cultural relativism.
(d) Ethnic absolutism.

4. How does Gilroy say we should look at the history of race in the West?
(a) As the collision of two defined cultures.
(b) As a long cooperative experiment.
(c) As an opposition of black and white essences.
(d) As a conjunction of races.

5. What limitations are ideas of race experiencing in Gilroy's opinion?
(a) They are too essentialist.
(b) They are too rural.
(c) They are too nationalistic.
(d) They are too cosmopolitan.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose consciousness is Black Atlantic focused on?

2. How does Gilroy characterize identity?

3. Whose challenges does Gilroy take up in the first section of the chapter?

4. What does Gilroy say is the fact of racial life?

5. Who was Martin Robison Delany?

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