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Section 1: pages 3-24

• Kino lives on a farm on the side of a mountain in Japan.

• The fields are layered up the mountain like steps with stone walls encircling them, and the house is situated at the top of the mountain. At the base of the mountain, there is a small strip of sand which contains a fishing village where Kino's father sells his rice and vegetables and buys his fish.

• In the fishing village, the houses face one another, but the ones near the sea do not have windows facing the sea.

• Kino often wonders about the houses with no windows toward the sea and his friend, Jiya, whose father is a fisherman, tells him, "The sea is our enemy" (page 4).

• On sunny days, Kino and Jiya swim to a small island which belongs to an Old Gentleman who lives in a castle on the mountainside.

• Though...

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