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Short Answer Questions

1. What was the name of Hughes's first play?

2. What was Troutbeck?

3. Why did Hughes want to return to college?

4. What did Hughes do with the twenty dollars he received from Crisis for his story?

5. What did Hughes say was a "big sea full of fish?"

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Florence do after the brawl at the Grand Duc? How did this affect the club and what did the owner finally do?

2. Who was Annette, and why was she fired from the Grand Duc? What happened on her last night at the club?

3. Where was the Interracial Conference Hughes attended during his sophomore year located? What story did Hughes tell about this conference?

4. How did Hughes describe the wedding of Countee Cullen? Why was the wedding the talk of Harlem for a time? How was Hughes involved?

5. What poem did Hughes submit in Witter Bynner's Intercollegiate Undergraduate Poetry Contest? How did the poem fare?

6. How did Hughes's patron feel about black in America? How did this manifest itself in her relationship with Hughes?

7. What other meeting did Dr. Locke arrange for Hughes before leaving town?

8. How did Hughes compare Bricktop Ada Smith and Florence? How were the two women different?

9. When an alum of the college met Hughes, how did he react to Hughes's survey concerning having black faculty at Lincoln?

10. Why did Hughes travel to Italy for the summer? Where did he stay?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

One of the issues Hughes raised again and again in his book was that of race. He often remarked on the color of his skin, whether he was a "black man" in one country and not in another. What are some of the major threads of the theme of race that run through Hughes's book? Why are they an important part of Hughes's autobiography?

Essay Topic 2

In his autobiography, Hughes only mentions two women in whom he was romantically interested: Suzanna Jones from high school and Mary in Paris. The more important relationship was with Mary. Discuss their relationship. Who was Mary, and how did they meet? Did Hughes reveal how he really felt about Mary? What happened to their love affair, and how did it affect Hughes?

Essay Topic 3

While in Washington D.C., Hughes found himself face to face with Vachel Lindsay. Describe the meeting of the two men. Why was this meeting important to Hughes's career? What was the story of the "bus boy poet"? There was a particular irony of Hughes's meeting Lindsay at the Wardman Park Hotel. What was that irony?

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