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Short Answer Questions

1. What was "Fire?"

2. What did Hughes find true about Lincoln University that was also true about American life?

3. Who wrote the play "The Mule Bone?"

4. Who was the first company to publish a book of Hughes's poetry?

5. What nightclub was making a lot of money while the Grand Duc was not?

Short Essay Questions

1. What other meeting did Dr. Locke arrange for Hughes before leaving town?

2. Who was Gladys Bentley? How did Hughes describe her?

3. How did Hughes's patron feel about black in America? How did this manifest itself in her relationship with Hughes?

4. How did Hughes describe the wedding of Countee Cullen? Why was the wedding the talk of Harlem for a time? How was Hughes involved?

5. Who was Bruce? Why did he become upset at work? What happened when the boss fired him? How did this affect Hughes?

6. What poem did Hughes submit in Witter Bynner's Intercollegiate Undergraduate Poetry Contest? How did the poem fare?

7. Why did Hughes travel to Italy for the summer? Where did he stay?

8. Who was Hughes's distinguished visitor? Why was the visit an important one?

9. What did Florence do after the brawl at the Grand Duc? How did this affect the club and what did the owner finally do?

10. What were some of the places in Italy Hughes saw aboard the ship headed for New York? What happened to him in Valencia?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

There were two singers at the Grand Duc while Hughes worked there: Florence Embry Jones and Bricktop Ada Smith. Both were excellent jazz singers and two very different women. Compare the two singers, what they offered the Grand Duc, and how they affected Hughes while he worked there.

Essay Topic 2

In the spring of 1927, the Mississippi River overflowed and caused flooding in cities all along its banks in the South. Discuss Hughes's trip South and his reactions to this part of the country particularly to the treatment of blacks in the South as epitomized by the events in Baton Rouge.

Essay Topic 3

What was "The Weary Blues"? Discuss how Hughes came to write it, how it was received, and from where it got its title.

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